Privacy Policy

Collection and Use

We will collect your personal sensitive information (such as your name, contact details, CV, and any other information that may be deemed public or private). We will store, process, use and disclose your information by the following ways:

  1. Provide recruitment services to you and to facilitate the recruitment process;
  1. Compare your information against job openings which we assess may be suitable for you;
  2. Send your information to clients in order to apply for jobs or to assess your eligibility for jobs;
  3. Subscribe you to new job alerts and email marketing campaigns;
  4. Allow you to participate in specialist online training or coaching sessions;
  5. Market our recruitment services to you.
  6. Enable us to develop and market other products and services, or enhance our existing products and services, and where you have consented to being contacted for such purposes;
  7. Respond to your questions and any inquiries that you may have.
  8. Personnel, contractors, vendors, clients, or other entities that we retained to provide us services that may include reference or employment verification, qualification verification, verification of any information that you provided either directly, online, or by a third-party source, evaluation, skill test, client representation, recruitment and placement; your information may be viewed, copied, or reproduced by any personnel, vendor, contractor, or entity that is contracted to enhance not limited to our operations and systems;
  9. If lawfully required by law enforcement if we in good faith are required by law to disclose it not limited to in connection with an investigation of crime, IRS, CRA, in a court of law, to comply with any legal laws, or in connection to any proceedings.
  10. Use your information on an anonymized basis to monitor compliance with our equal opportunities policy, and
  11. Carry out our obligations arising from any contracts entered into between you, Employers, our clients, our vendors, our contractors, our other entities, and us.

If you do not want us to store, process, use, and disclose your information in any way, please do not check the associated box on any form where we collect your information, and, or discontinue the use of this website. If there is no box to check to collect actual consent, we will use your information as per our Privacy Policy.

We reserve the right to transfer your personal information to a third party in the event of a sale, merger, liquidation, receivership, or transfer of all or substantially all the assets of our company provided that the third party agrees to adhere to the terms of this Privacy Policy and provided that the third party only uses your information for the purposes that you provided it to us. We will notify you in the event of any transfer for an opportunity to opt-out.


We implement reasonable policies, procedures, technologies, and security standards to ensure that your personal information is protected against unauthorized or unlawful access, inappropriate disclosure, alteration, or misuse. The steps taken to protect your information includes:

  • Premises security system
  • Cloud back-up with antivirus cyber security protection
  • Contractors and personnel required to have an up to date antivirus software
  • Internal password and security policies
  • Screening, orientating, and training of personnel, contractors, and vendors

We collect and store information about this website visitors. Changes to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use can be made from time to time, and any significant changes in the way LCR uses your information, we will update this Privacy Policy.

We caution potential LCR website users that internet communications are inherently vulnerable to interception, use, and/or alteration by person(s) other than the intended recipient. While LCR has implemented certain safeguards to reduce this risk, internet transmissions to and from LCR are still vulnerable. If you choose to use the LCR website or otherwise communicate with LCR through the internet, you do so at your sole risk.


Terms of Use

Intellectual Property

All the information contained on this website is the property of LCR. All the information contained on this website is property of LCR, and you are not permitted to reproduce, copy, print, or modify any of the information contained in this website, unless it’s for personal use and the information is kept unaltered in any way. Any unauthorized or unlawful duplication, copy, or use of our Terms of Use, or Privacy Policy, you will be held wholly responsible for any consequence causing damages.

Changes, Downtime, or Closure of this Website

We make every effort to keep this website running smoothly without any issues. However, we take no responsibility for, and will not be liable for, this website being temporarily unavailable for any reason whatsoever. We may change, suspend, or discontinue any aspect of this website at any time, including the availability of any aspect of this website. We may change these terms or any of our legal notices at any time. The next time you visit or refer to this site you agree to the new terms.

We may at our discretion deny you access to this website (which may include any of the services or information available through it) or any part of it at any time without notice or explanation.

Liability and Disclaimer

The information contained on this website including any salary information or surveys are given in good faith and LCR uses all reasonable efforts to ensure that it is accurate. However, LCR gives no representation or warranty in respect of such information and all such representations and warranties, whether express or implied, are excluded.

We do not accept any liability for any loss or damage which may arise from anyone relying on this website or the use of the information on this website. We will not be liable to any person or entity relying on or using the information for loss of salary, loss of actual or anticipated profit or revenue, loss of or damage to current or employment prospects, opportunity, damage to reputation, loss of business, loss of personal or company resources which occur directly or indirectly from this website or any aspect of it. You are not permitted to replicate, duplicate, copy, reproduce, mispresent, market, or any variation of such, any part of this website for commercial use. You agree to fully compensate and indemnify us against all damages arising from the use, misuse, or defamation by you of this website.

We do not guarantee employment, candidates, service, profits, revenue, interview, or that any candidate will meet the needs of any employer, or that any employer will meet the needs of any candidate. We take all reasonable actions to ensure that the employer or client will maintain confidentiality of any of the candidate information or information provided to them, but we cannot guarantee confidentiality. We take all reasonable action to protect the employers or client information obtained for the candidate but cannot guarantee the confidentiality as described in our Privacy Policy. These terms will be governed by the laws of Canada and or the US.

Information displayed on this website, on our social media, and on our blogs (including but not limited to Tips and Advice, News, and Announcements) are to be referenced for educational purposes only and to be interpreted and utilized at your own risk. LCR takes no responsibility for any outcomes negative or other, that result in the proper or improper usage of the information (not limited to) this website, social media, and our blogs.

Fraud Alert

We will never ask job candidates to pay any kind of fees, pay any monies, make check, cash, advancements, or cash checks from outside sources, or make an investment in any product or service. We do not ask our candidates to supply credit card numbers, banking PIN numbers, by email, or online. Please be advised that if you receive these types of requests, it is most likely a form of fraud. Please contact us if you think someone is using our name Level Construction Recruitment, or LCR or attempting to represent us in any way, to seek this information from you.