Interviewing in a Tech-era

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Scored an interview? Congrats! But let’s face it, the pandemic has changed the way we do business for the long-term, namely Interviewing in a tech-era.

For the last two years and going forward, many Employers have moved to virtual interviewing (Teams, Zoom, etc.), and here’s how you can BEST prepare as a Candidate:

  1. Ensure that your Teams software is current. You don’t want to be late for your interview due to an update.
  2. Arrive early, but not too early, for the Teams interview. You might be intruding if you arrive early because interviewers may use the same Zoom room to interview others back-to-back. Set an alarm for 5 minutes before your interview to go over your notes and two minutes before your interview, click the Zoom link.
  3. Finding proper lighting can be difficult at times. Sit in front of a window and allow the light to spread over you. Avoid placing a light source behind you because it will limit their view of your amazing face.
  4. Prepare as if you’ll be meeting in person. You should use cologne or perfume. Use a couple of mints. Wear your interview outfit from head to toe, it’ll make you feel confident going into it and improve your focus.
  5. Make your room mates or family aware that you will be having an interview ahead of time so that there are no disruptions during your Teams interview (that includes your pets as well).
  6. Make sure your background isn’t too distracting. They should be looking at you, not your messy room!
  7. When it comes to interjecting, be cautious. Allow the interviewer to finish their sentence before responding. Because of Teams and other video calling apps, there could be a slight lag that makes your comment (even if nice) appear as an interruption.

These don’t just apply to interviews; unless it’s a site meeting, many meetings nowadays happen over Teams. These tips could prove useful in your journey to finding your next ideal role with a top company, or even manage your day-to-day virtual meets!

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